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Hair Extensions: All Your Questions Answered!

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If you are always fascinated with the new hairstyles of your favorite celebrities and love to experiment with your locks just like them, then hair extensions are all that you need. With a range of options already available, hair extensions is the perfect way to adorn your preferred hairstyle at a comparatively lower price. All you need to do is to pin them up in the right way and witness those free-flowing, high volume tresses in just a few minutes. You can even try out different colors for a completely new look.

Though there are multiple ways in which an extension can add grace and style to your overall persona, there are still several questions that people have doubts about regarding this magic hair accessory. So, to sort things out, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about hair extensions in this article:

•Will hair extensions damage my hair? Hair extensions will not damage your hair until and unless you follow the maintenance advice properly. The potential damage depends on the quality, durability, and application process of the hair extensions. If your hairstylist hasn’t inserted the sew-in hair extensions properly, there’s a high chance that it will damage your hair. That is why it’s important to hire a qualified and professional hairstylist who will help you fix your extensions with the right product. Also, you should avoid tying tight braids or cornrows when wearing hair extensions. Remember, you can use styling tools such as hot rollers or straighteners with limited heat only on the human hair extensions. Note: The heat resistance level of extension is different from that of human hair wigs due to their construction and functionality.
•How long do hair extensions last for? The durability of hair extensions depends on its type, quality, and maintenance. In broader terms, hair extensions are available in three types– tape-ins, glue-in, clip-ins. On average, tape-ins lasts up to 2 months while glue-ins lasts for more than a month. However, Human hair extensions like clip-in can last for more than 12 months if proper care is taken. So to make your hair extensions last, self-care is important. You should brush your extensions with wig brush only and wash them at least two times a week for the best result. If you are looking for the best hair extensions, then explore the Hair extension Canada collection that features an exquisite range at the industry-best prices.

•How much do hair extensions cost? The prices of hair extensions will range from $80 to $3200 depending on the type and quality of extension you are planning to buy. If you need clip-in or tape-in extensions, it will cost you around $80 to $250. While the professional sew-in or glued-in extensions will fall in the range of $600 to $3,000, excluding the hairstylist’s fee. Here, it’s important to note that the price of extensions does not include the extension products like adhesive glue, clips, hair brush or glue remover.

•Can you get permanent hair extensions? You can find two types of hair extensions in the market:

Temporary and Permanent extensions. Temporary hair extensions are mostly used for special events and can be worn or removed as per the user’s convenience whereas permanent extensions are properly sewed or taped-in by the professional and usually last for more than 8 months. Permanent hair extensions are attached to your natural hair or close to the scalp in a permanent way so that it cannot be removed with external force. As your hair grows, these extensions will subsequently move away from the scalp and you will have to get it re-attached by the hairstylist. In all, permanent extensions like Keratin and Tape-in protect your natural hair and offer you a sophisticated style statement, which is both trendy and elegant.

Hair extensions offer endless options for accomplishing your desired looks for different events. However, the level of satisfaction with these extensions will largely depend on the kind of extension that you choose to wear and how well you maintain them. Contacting a professional hairstylist in this regard can help you pick the extensions that best suit your face shape and style.

On a hunt for the best hair extensions in town? Time to check out the exclusive collection of Hair extension Canada!

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