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Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

Thick and gorgeous hair is a dream of every girl, but who wants to wait for months to grow the hair naturally and then get the best hair cut or style? And if your hair isn’t voluminous, then the stress level goes even higher because no experiments can be done on dull, lifeless, and thin hair. So what’s the solution? Without a doubt, a Hair Extension!

With hair extensions, there is no need to wait for months, within few hours you can not only add length to your hair but also add volume and different shades of chemical-free highlights without damaging your natural hair. Yes, there are various Hair Extensions types available from clip in, tape in to weaves. You can choose any depending on your taste and style.

With all these extensions on the list, there might be questions popping up in your mind as to ‘Which type of hair extension will suit you?’, ‘How to maintain them?’, ‘How much will it cost?’ and so on. To get answers to all your questions, here’s the post outlining everything you need to know about hair extensions.

1. Pros:

• Extensions Are Long-lasting: If one is spending dollars on their hair extensions, it is obvious that they are investing in their hair for long-term benefits. Natural hair extensions typically last around 3-4 months and they maintain their luster and shine throughout. Even if after this period you want to change the extension, there is no need to undergo the whole process again. Simply, re-application or tightening can help you out.

• Offers A Wide Range Of Color Versatility: Right from Pastel pink to blonde, from brown to chemical-free highlights, you can instantly flaunt any style with the help of hair extensions. They come in a variety of colors from subtle to loud so you can pick any that compliments well with your natural hair color. Or if you are the one who loves to play with different shade variations and highlights, then there are vast options for you to experiment as much as you want.

• Adds Volume And Length To Your Hair: Be it Hair Extension Clip In or micro-beads extensions, the sole purpose of hair extension is to add volume, length, and luster to the hair. Your bad hair can make you look incomplete and might lead to low self-confidence when in public but with hair extensions, you can easily get over your bad hair day. They not just glamorize your hair with the right volume, shine, and luster but also give your scalp that desired fullness which makes you feel young and confident once again.

2. Cons:

• High Maintenance: Extensions must be maintained and stored in very specific conditions so that they are tangle-free. Also, it’s important to choose the right extension type for great results followed by its good maintenance. Choosing the unprofessional hair stylist to set the extensions can cause a hole into your pocket as hair extensions cost between $200 and more and if not styled or taken care the right way, they would get withered.

• Damages Natural Hair: Pulling hair extensions or leaving them on your head for a longer period without proper maintenance can cause damage to your original hair. This way your natural tresses will become lifeless and would eventually start falling.

• Noticeable: Extensions are easily noticeable, which usually makes it awkward for the wearer. However, this con can be corrected if one opts for the latest techniques such as micro-bonding treatment instead of using glue. Micro Bonding treatment not only ensures the natural look but also assures longevity.

So get ready to improvise your hair with hair extensions that will never fail to infuse that glamorous look into your mane with its versatile styling/coloring options.

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